The Great Commission
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What is Evangelism Boot Camp? Let me start by telling you what it’s not. This isn’t some boring book taught seminar! AOO EBC is a hands on, role up your sleeves, get in the trenches, big time battle against the most evil enemy ever. Evangelism Boot Camp is put on in association with Living Waters (Ray Comfort) and The Way of the Master (Kirk Cameron) ministries. Boot Camp is the place where AOO gets to serve God in a capacity that is nothing less than supernatural. This is an Amazing, Life Changing experience for all who attend and a place where God truly does work miracles!

It is the place where people from all around the world who are serious about seeking and saving the lost can come together to sharpen their swords and learn how to be a more effective witness for Jesus. It’s the place where people can learn how to put into practice the biblical principals they’ve learned on the Way of the Master TV show. It’s where AOO trains up highly motivated, sanctified seed sowing superstars for God’s great army of evangelist! If you feel alone and isolated when trying to find other “Seed Sowers” who don’t want to sit on the sidelines and watch people sink into Hell, than EBC is the place to be.