The Great Commission
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Thank you for your interest in supporting Alpha-Omega-Outreach!  It's because of Christians like you that we can keep doing what we are doing!  Everything you give will go right back into helping us sow the seed of the Gospel as well as help us help others sow the seed of the Gospel. However, if you would like to support us financially, please go through this checklist first:

1.Are you a born-again child of God? It is a great honour and privilege to support the work of God on earth; but that privilege is given only to His born-again children (3 John 7).

2. Do you have enough money for your family's needs? Are you sure that your giving will not put your family under any financial strain? You must take care of your family's needs first (1 Tim.5:8). Our Father in heaven is very rich and He (like any rich earthly father) does not want any of His children to starve or suffer in any way, just because they gave Him money for His work.

3. Do you have any large debts to repay? If so, do clear those debts first. God wants His children to live restful lives, free from all debt. We must first give to Caesar what is his, before we can give anything to God, because God does not want us to give Him Caesar's money, or anyone elses' money (Matt.22:21, Rom.13:8).

4. Do you have a clear conscience? Have you done your best to be reconciled with those whom you have hurt in any way? God will not accept any offering from anyone who has hurt someone and still not apologized to that person (Matt.5:23, 24).

5. Are you giving freely and cheerfully - and not under pressure from any man or even from your own conscience? God loves cheerful givers, not reluctant givers. He does not want gifts from those who give under pressure, or who give in order to fulfill some obligation, or who give merely to ease their conscience, or who give in order to get some reward from Him in return (2 Cor.9:7).

Thank you for going through this checklist. There are a lot of False Teachers out there these days using the name of Jesus as a way to make money and swindle the people of God. Just check out False Chruches, Ministries, & Teachers to check some of them out.  We don't want to be like them.

After having carefully considered the above, if God is leading you to support this ministry, you can make a donation by sending a donation through the mail to the mailing address above.
It is true that it is a gift to be an Evangelist, but it is a COMMANDMENT to evangelize!

Our ministry was founded in 2001 by Steven Barry looking for a place to practice his faith in Christianity, unfortunately with 98% of all professing Christians refusing to share the Gospel, finding like-minded people seemed impossible. The Lord revealed a clear vision... Start an outreach where preachers can network. Over the years we have leased a few buildings , bought a van, and now we have moved into a motorhome to preach the True Gospel.  Alpha-Omega-Outreach is fully convicted that anyone who takes money as payment to  preach is a false convert. 
The gospel is free, period.  If the Holy Spirit directs a saint to help the gospel get out, and that involves giving the ministry some money or tools to get the gospel out, then by all means obey God and help us.   But as preachers, we should NEVER require a salary or payment. With each challenge we have encountered, we became stronger in our faith.

All Christians must be good stewards of the wealth that God has entrusted us with.  We MUST pay God His due first.  But in the American churches today the growing question is whether God's money is being used for His Kingdom or whether it is being used for the kingdom of men here on earth.  The Biblical Barometer is quite simple:  Is your church doing the # 1 thing for the Kingdom?  Remember, the ONLY time the heavens rejoice is when one soul enters the Kingdom, not when your church is having a great BBQ!  The majority of churches here in America could care less about seeking and saving that which is lost!  Is that your church? 
If it is, then stop funding men and their pride.  Tithe your money to a ministry that its sole purpose is to obey God and complete the Great Commission for Him! (Matthew 28:20-23

Ministry work does however require money to operate in our culture today.  Between the cost of fuel and vehicle maintenance to travel, tracts and Bibles to give away, and an onslaught of various other expenses, we require provision from God.  Brother Steven is taking all the money he earns from Amway, and other software projects and donating it to AOO after his family support is paid, but it is not enough.

We invite you to become a part of the ministry today by first praying about it.  If God tells your heart to help, then by all means obey God.  If He tells you to partner up with us, we can't wait to have another laborer for the harvest!  Perhaps the checklist to the left will help you know.

Please click the PayPal Donate button and follow the instructions.  You can email or call us if your have more questions.